Terms & Conditions

Terms of use for user for (ISTORIA) platform

These terms represent an official legal agreement “contract” between (ISTORIA) platform and users, and (ISTORIA) platform is an electronic platform “hereinafter referred to as (ISTORIA)

, the conscience of ownership (Us) or the conscience of the speaker (We)” that provides an innovative tool to improve the user’s English Language level through reading stories written by experts, and you will advance easily from one level to another. The digital learning platform (ISTORIA) will offer services at affordable prices accessible to all segments of the community. Any use by you of the services provided by (ISTORIA) platform constitutes your approval to this contract and its terms, therefore you must not use the platform if you do not approve with the terms of this contract. The (ISTORIA) Platform reserves the full right to modify or change these terms without prior notice. It is your responsibility as a platform user to periodically review the terms and conditions of use for updates on the Terms and we hope you will review our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we use the information provided to us by users of the Platform.

First: Eligibility

To be able to use this platform and benefit from it, you must also be able and fully qualified to agree to the terms, conditions, obligations, undertakes and guarantees stipulated in the terms and conditions of this contract, as well as commitment and adherence to it. You further acknowledge that you meet all the eligibility requirements stipulated in the terms and conditions of this contract. The platform does not bear any responsibility as a result of using the service from an ineligible person.

Second: Account registration

You will need to register to take advantage of the (ISTORIA) services by creating your own account on the platform. If you choose to create an account or profile on our platform, you agree to provide the personal registration information required by the registration form on the platform. You acknowledge and undertake that the personal data required from you upon registration at the Platform is complete, correct, accurate and updated, and that each time you log in, you will ensure that this information is correct and updated in order to maintain its credibility and accuracy, as your access to the Services is subject to the validity of that information. If you provide the Platform with incorrect, inaccurate, not updated or incomplete data or information, or (ISTORIA) has reasonable reasons to suspect that the account information is incorrect, inaccurate, not updated, or incomplete, (ISTORIA) reserves the full right to refuse to provide any future services to you to use the Platform or to close your account. You acknowledge and agree not to create an account for anyone other than you without first obtaining permission from that other person, and you further undertake to keep the confidentiality to your account password, username, and any security information specific to or related to your Platform account. (ISTORIA) will not be liable in any way for any loss or damage you may incur as a result of someone else accessing and using your account, whether that was used with or without your knowledge.

Third: The right to have the services

You acknowledge and guarantee the following:

  • Your use of the (ISTORIA) services has never been disabled or prevented you from using it at any time.
  • You are not a competitor to (ISTORIA) and you are not providing any competitor product for the services provided by (ISTORIA).

Fourth: Undertaking and guarantees

You acknowledge and guarantee that you will:

  • Comply with all laws and regulations as per in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Provide correct and accurate information to (ISTORIA) and update it periodically.
  • Review and comply with any notifications sent by (ISTORIA) regarding your use of the service provided by the platform.
  • You will not duplicate sublicenses, issue, publish, transfer, distribute, execute, offer, sell or reclassify (ISTORIA) services, otherwise you have transferred the service or commercially exploited it, except as permitted under this contract.
  • The information, content or any data you access or obtain through (ISTORIA) services will not be used for any other purpose except for personal use and the platform and services will be used exclusively for your purposes and will not sell it to any third party (including but not limited to provide any service to anyone else).
  • The services or platform will be used for legitimate purposes only, and the services will not be used to send or store any illegal or fraudulent purpose material.
  • You will not use the service or platform to cause harm, harassment, or inconvenience to someone.
  • You will not obstruct the proper operation of the (ISTORIA) platform.
  • You will not attempt to damage the service or platform in any way.
  • You will not copy or distribute the Application or other content without written permission from (ISTORIA).
  • You will keep your account password or any other identification we provide to you and allow you to access your account, secure and confidential.
  • You agree to exchange information between companies within the platform regarding your executed operations and evaluate dealings with you.
  • (ISTORIA) has the right to refuse to provide the service or use the application without giving reasons.

Fifth: Scope of the license

  • (ISTORIA) grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable non-waiver, non-sublicensable and irrevocable license to obtain its services and use it only for personal purpose (not for any commercial purposes including but not limited to) according to this contract, so you must:
  • Not to provide services, lease, rental, allocation, or resale, or distribution or sublicense of these services to any third party.
  • Not to modifying, sectioning, translating, summarizing, creating a deciphering sub work, implementing a reverse platform design engineering (ISTORIA) or otherwise from defining or attempting to defining or trying to access the source code or interior design of services or any text, Multimedia images (pictures, audios, video files), data or other information provided by (ISTORIA) or the third party from the service provider.
  • Not to delete, change, or any other modification of any copyright or other official notices contained in the services.
  • Not intentionally transferring or distributing services or permitting downloading of services for use other than what is specified here.
  • Not allow to share of username / password or other (ISTORIA) services access.

Sixth: Payment and prices

(ISTORIA) shows the prices of services for each service, the prices of services are approved before ordering, and the prices of services (ISTORIA) are distinguished by being steady, but that does not prevent at any time and for any reason, that (ISTORIA) update the prices of the services, as you should always be aware of the prices of our services. In case that the use of the platform or its services is subject to any fees or taxes imposed in the future, you acknowledge and agree to pay it. In order to benefit from (ISTORIA) and its services, it is necessary to use electronic payment methods such as transfer, visa, or other electronic methods of payment that are approved by the platform, and the payment process must be before providing the required service.

Seventh: Limits and scope of legal liability

On (ISTORIA) platform the services, content, advice or information and others are available in the form of public publications. These publications are intended for publishing purposes as general information only, and (ISTORIA) confirms that it tries as far as possible to review the contents of the platform to determine whether it is in compliance with its policies or related regulations, and they have the full right to delete or refuse to display content that sees violates its policies or objectives for its creation, but this does not necessarily mean that it has reviewed all content displayed on the platform. (ISTORIA) will preserve as much as possible the correctness and updating of the platform and its contents, but it does not guarantee that the contents of the platform are free from errors, defects, malware and viruses and does not guarantee the accuracy and updating of the platform, and (ISTORIA) is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use (or inability to use) the platform, including damages caused by malware or viruses. It also does not take responsibility for the incorrect or incomplete information or platform unless this damage is caused by intentional misconduct or by gross negligence on the part of (ISTORIA). (ISTORIA) and its agents, licensors or affiliated companies are not responsible in any case for direct or indirect damages, penalties, special damages, or incidental damages, or affiliation (including but not limited to, damages resulting from business interruption, loss of business information or other financial losses) resulting directly or indirectly from accessing and using the services (or failing to use them) or relying on them. Any offers, advertisements, or contests not advertised on the official (ISTORIA) platform or through our social media that are managed by us, are not considered, and you have no right to claim us to implement them. In addition, (ISTORIA) is not responsible for any fraud committed through offers, advertisements or contests held informally in the name of (ISTORIA).

Eighth: Not to misuse

You acknowledge and undertake not to misuse the platform and its services in any way that contradicts these conditions, or to use them in ways that violate the system or unlawful purposes, and not to try to disable their operation or attempt to unauthorized access to any user accounts or service providers in any way.

Tenth: Amend the conditions

We may have to update these terms or other policies approved by us based on new regulations and instructions or through our periodic evaluation of them, we will notify you in the event of any of these amendments being made to our provisions, conditions and policies and we will publish them, note that you continue to use the platform after receiving a notice of the amendment is your acceptance of those amendments and your commitment to work with them. It may appear to us for any reason – at our own discretion – the occasion of denying access to the service to anyone at any time, and the platform administration has all the authority to delete, edit or remove any account or content from any user or service provider that violates any of our policies or objectives of creation platform or public order.

Eleventh: Intellectual property rights

All visual interfaces, graphs, designs, information, content and computer code for the platform -the application – and the software used in addition to all unspecified data, metadata and research data resulting from the use or provision of services via the platform, and all content, information and services provided via the platform are the intellectual property of (ISTORIA) Alone, users may not use any of that content, information or data except with written permission from us, including reproduction, retransmission, distribution, publication, sale, broadcast, or public offering or to any third party.

Twelfth: Security and Privacy

You acknowledge that you take your own responsibility for the privacy of the services, and you are solely responsible for their use by anyone else using your account and / or username, password, or your access. You also agree to notify (ISTORIA) if you become aware of any loss, theft, or unauthorized use of any password, username, IP address, or other methods of accessing services, as indicated in the Privacy Policy. On how the platform (ISTORIA) handles your personal data and protects your privacy when you use its services. By agreeing to register on the platform, you acknowledge and agree to use that data and information in accordance with its privacy policy.

Thirteenth: Dealings with others

While using the platform or services, it may from time to another provide links to websites owned and controlled by others in order to correspond with others, buy products or services or participate in the promotional offers that he offers, and those links take you outside the platform and service, which is outside the control of (ISTORIA). While using the platform and services, you may message or buy goods or services or participate in promotional offers from service providers, advertisers or sponsors that display their goods or services through the platform or service, and those links take you outside of the site, platform and service, and they are outside the control (ISTORIA). The websites you link to have separate terms and conditions as well as a separate privacy policy. (ISTORIA) take no responsibility for the content and activities of these websites and cannot be held responsible for us. Therefore, you take your own full risk arising from visiting or accessing these websites. Please note that these other websites may send their cookies to users, collect their data, or request personal information about them. Therefore, we recommend that you check the terms of use or privacy policies on those sites before using them.

Fourteenth: Termination

  • Termination by (ISTORIA), The platform administration (ISTORIA) has the right, according to its discretion, to terminate your access to your account, or prevent you from accessing the platform or any part of it for any reason and without giving any reason at all, and it also has the right to stop the continuation of The platform or any of its services or termination of any license or permission granted to you under the terms and conditions of this contract at any time and without the need to send any prior notice to that, and you acknowledge and agree that (ISTORIA) is not legally responsible in facing you or facing any third party about such termination. Without limiting the generality of the following text, (ISTORIA) has the right to terminate your account with it in cases of suspicion of fraud or the occurrence of an end to these conditions mentioned in this contract, and in this case it has the right to refer the matter to the competent authorities to enforce the relevant laws and regulations, These solutions come alongside any other solutions that (ISTORIA) may Have under laws and regulations.
  • Termination by the user, in case that you are not satisfied with (ISTORIA) platform, please inform us by sending an email to the following address: hi@istoria.app and the solution available to you in the case that you are not satisfied with the platform is to stop using it.


Fifteenth: Compensation

You acknowledge and agree to compensate (ISTORIA) platform and / or any of its affiliated entities, employees, managers, work for it and / or related entities instantly and upon request for all claims, obligations, losses, and costs, including legal fees arising For any violation of laws and regulations or a violation of these terms by you or other damages arising from your use of the (ISTORIA) platform.

Sixteenth: General

  • Invalidity, in case that any court decides or turns out that one of the provisions of these conditions is invalid or in any way not applicable, then that term will be canceled and deleted from these conditions, while the remaining terms will remain in full effect.
  • Third parties, these terms apply between (ISTORIA) and its users. No other person has the right to take advantage of these conditions. (ISTORIA) reserves the right to perform any of its obligations, and to exercise any rights conferred upon it by these terms, through a third party.
  • Referral, (ISTORIA) reserves the right to assign or in any way transfer any or all of its rights and obligations set out in these terms to any third party.

Seventeenth: Notifications

(ISTORIA) has the right to send notifications addressed to you through email, regular mail, or by placing the notice on the platform, and if the notice addressed to you is sent through the email, it will be considered that you have received it after 24 hours from the time it is sent to you, unless (ISTORIA) is notified that the email address to it is invalid and not working. In case that the notice is sent by placing it on the (ISTORIA) platform, it will be considered that the notice was received by you as soon as it is placed on the platform directly. Contrary to the above, (ISTORIA) may send you a legal notice by sending it to your regular mail address – if it is available within your data on the platform – in which case it will be considered that you received the said notice after three days have passed from the date it was sent to regular mail.

Eighteen: Governing law and dispute resolution

This contract is subject to the provisions of Islamic Sharia and all the regulations and instructions in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in case of any conflicts or disputes arising between the two parties regarding the implementation or interpretation of this contract or related matters or issues and cannot be resolved amicably within (30) days of The date of its emergence or occurrence, it is resorted to the competent court for a decision, in accordance with the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Nineteenth: Communication

In case that you want to make any comment directed to us about the (ISTORIA) platform or if you want to ask any questions related to it, please contact us through the form designated for that on the platform or by sending us an email on the following address: hi@istoria.app or by calling this number (+966 57 005 7389)