About Us

iStoria is an app for learning English through interesting stories. It helps learners gain more than 400 English words monthly and makes their learning journey enjoyable to master English professionally in less than 8 months.

iStoria makes the users’ journey effective and enjoyable to improve their English language in an unprecedented way. It makes you immerse in the events of the iStoria stories.

iStoria adopts academic and certified learning strategies and tracks your progress using smart alerts.


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Our vision is to be the most effective application and the best learning option for improving the English language of passionate learners and building a community of a million learners on iStoria.


We seek to teach English uniquely and reliably and achieve all learners’ goals in the highest quality standards.


We ensure that users enjoy the journey of learning English from scratch and gain more than 400 words monthly during their learning journey.


  • Excellence & Proficiency
  • Trust & Loyalty
  • Quality & Innovation
  • Commitment & Responsibility


Our passion for excellence always drives us to meet the users’ needs in learning English and accompany them during their learning journey until they achieve their goal of mastering the English language.


  • Building a solid user base.
  • Providing competitive educational services.
  • Developing the efficiency and effectiveness of iStoria.
  • Developing and enhancing the performance of iStoria.


We strive to provide you with a unique learning experience of your interest during your learning journey. Your opinions and reviews are our first and last reference for making progress.


We innovate with talented and bright minds.