How can I start my free trial?

You can start your free trial in two ways:


The first choice (7 days free):

  1. Go to the subscriptions page via the following link:

  2. Pick the best plan for you.

  3. Choose “Start your free 7-day trial”.

Then press:

Note that the subscription fees will not be withdrawn until the free trial expires, and you can cancel the free trial at any time without paying any fees.


The second choice (3 days free):

You can enjoy 3 days for free once before subscribing to any of iStoria plans by following the instructions:

  1. Create your account.

  2. Click on the (X) sign on the top left of the screen on the subscription page.

  3. Choose “Start a free 3-day trial”.

Then, you don’t need to add your bank account details.


I hope you have a wonderful experience!